Weigh-In No. 10


286 (25/05/13)

I think I like weighing in…I mean, those numbers fluctuate like crazy, but I think that’s part of my journey and maybe the picture wouldn’t be complete without it.

On Day 8 of that BeFit thing. Wootsies! It’s…not easy, but it’s not impossible either. I’m actually sticking to something! I’m so good at owning the negative side of who I am that I often forget to look for the positives. I have so much growth to do…just as a person, and trying to process everything at once is so not going to work, but this is a mega leap. ūüėÄ

I’d like to thank God…seriously, I would. Thanks also to my sister, who told me about the workout programme and encouraged me to do it. Of course, I have to thank Keri (check out her blog!). She started the programme after she saw that I had mentioned it…and she started it¬†before me. Quite the heads-up.¬†

One more day down…:)

On My Way


I’m a sweaty, stinky mess, but I fought for every drop and every trace.

*pauses to get water*

Four days of exercise this week! Yes! ¬†Those BeFit people are geniuses (although their cardio video is a nightmare, so I had to switch to dance workout vids…and yoga isn’t my speed, so I used a ballet stretch video and some other stretch video). Thank God they gave us that rest day. No way would I have been able to work out on Day 3. My thighs were so sore, I wobbled on my way down the stairs. But, it passed. (Good lesson there.) The pain just means I’m getting stronger. I hadn’t done any such workout in close to a year, so the pain was expected…and it wasn’t as bad as it was when I started working out last year (my sister harassed me to go to the gym when I was with her).

So, yeah, this week has been good in terms of exercise, but it wasn’t great food-wise…not terrible, but not deliberately healthy…not to mention the junk thrown in.

All these are steps on the journey, and I’m kinda afraid to say it, but I think I’m learning. I feel as if I’m actually going to do this…as if it’s not something I’m trying on for size, but the rest of my life. (I like my pun, too! :p)

In other news, my sister (not the awesome one who harassed me to go to the gym) just offered me sour Skittles…she’s awesome, too, but I had to refuse…Sour, chewy candy is epic, so that took effort. Teehee.

Okay, to shower and beyond! No more rambling. ūüôā

Happy Weekend, folks!



Weigh-In No. 9


287 (18/05/13)

The scale is my friend…and the kind of friend I like. It doesn’t tell me what ¬†I want to hear…doesn’t veil the truth. I’m pretty slow on the uptake sometimes. At this rate, it would only be a matter of days until I was right where I started: 290. It wouldn’t be surprising, considering my lack of effort in eating healthy and working out.

God is good. Miracles are still happening. Finally started that BeFit in 90 thing today. We’ll save that for another post.

All the best for the rest of the week, you lovely people. This really is one decision at a time. I applaud you all for your perseverance.


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Weigh-In No. 8


286 (11/05/13)

Know what’s the best thing about weighing in every week? I can’t hide. I can’t wait until I have a convenient number…I just have to face it and be honest about it.

So, I reckon that gain is as a result of terrible hydration until the weekend. I guess the only reason I hydrated so well as it approached the weekend was I didn’t want a terrible weigh-in. I told myself I wouldn’t play the numbers game, and I won’t. I don’t want to make right choices just to satisfy the scale, and weighing in as frequently as I do keeps me from doing that.

If this is going to work, it will require consistency. I’ve been at this for about two months now, and I haven’t been consistent at anything except not working out, especially over the past few weeks. It’s time to get serious. To get deliberate. I doubt I’ll morph into a superstar overnight, but I can¬†decide¬†to exercise every day. I can¬†choose¬†to eat only things I know will be nutritionally beneficial. I can stop fooling around with my life.

So, a couple goals for this week:

  • Exercise at least 4 days…for at least one hour each day
  • Hydrate properly
  • Start that BeFit thing before the end of the week

I should be able to manage that. Even if I don’t, I’ll still have this to look back on and evaluate the way ahead. No more excuses.

All the best for the rest of the week!

Liebster Award



Thanks, Christina! You’re so awesome. ¬†ūüėÄ You guys should check out her blog – DAY BY DAY.

I still find it amazing that people read my ramblings…not to mention find them worthwhile. Wootsies!

On to the rules!

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate the award to 11 new bloggers
  • Ask 11 new questions to the nominated¬†recipients

I’m not that great with answers (just ask my friends), but here goes:¬†

Do you have any pets?¬†Nope. Nothing against animals, but…:P

What is your favorite dessert?¬†Not a dessert person…cake, ice cream, chocolate…all those cool things I’m apparently supposed to like? Nope. I might like yogurt…sometimes…I guess.¬†

What is your favorite exercise activity/way to work out?¬†Dancing! It’s fun, and it doesn’t feel like exercise, which is awesome. I ought to get back to it.

What is something that you have never done (hobby, activity, etc.) that you would like to try?¬†Er…aha! Soooooooo wanna learn to play the cello.

What is one of your short term goals and one of your long term goals?¬†Ick. Did I mention I suck at this, too? Lol. Um…short term? ¬†Get to a place in life where I¬†want¬†stuff…where life isn’t just the sum of external forces and the consequences I’ve earned…Long term? Whatever the outworking of the short term goal is…

Name one of your pet peeves.¬†It drives me up every wall possible when people just type “k” ¬†in the middle of a discussion…like, after I’ve typed a paragraph or something, especially if we’re having the kind of conversation in which “k”, “okay”, or some derivative is not a valid response.

What is one of your happiest memories? Just about any moment from the three months I spent with my sister in St. Lucia last year.

If someone were to write a book about your life, what would the title be?¬†Er…Don’t Be Like Me When You Grow Up.

What is one of your favorite songs?¬†This is soooo hard…Beautiful Ending¬†by BarlowGirl.

Name a food you dislike.¬†Uh…I don’t really¬†like¬†many foods to begin with…definitely don’t do shellfish. Ugh.

If you could meet anyone, either alive or dead, who would it be and why?¬†DAVID (dude from the Bible)! ¬†He was a screw-up of epic proportions. So am I. My favourite thing about him is that he didn’t try to hide his craziness. I mean, if you read Psalms, you’ll see the dude was probably schizo…like, seriously. He was beautifully human…not without weaknesses, but he gave his weaknesses to God. When I grow up…

Whew! I survived! Yay, that wasn’t so bad. Thanks again, Christina.


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(Here comes the really hard part.)


11 New Questions 

  1. What do you most like about yourself?
  2. What do you most dislike about yourself?
  3. Have you ever been in love?
  4. Do you want to have children; why?
  5. Why did you start your blog?
  6. If you could live in any other country, what would it be; why?
  7. Who is your favourite person; why?
  8. If being honest with someone would automatically hurt, would you still do it?
  9. What is one thing guaranteed to make you smile from within?
  10. If you could choose to be someone else, would you?
  11. Are you comfortable with silence?

Man, that was hard. I’m random, I know. Thanks again, Christina!

Weigh-In No. 7

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283 (04/05/13) …¬†3 pounds.

Good things come to those who hydrate.

My lesson this week: you don’t have to get everything right. Did I work out? No…well, not on purpose. I stayed hydrated, though…and I did better at eating right. Oh, and green juice? Epic stuff.

It’s funny how I’m changing. I usually think I have to get it all right, or it’s a waste of time. Now, I’m learning that good choices count as much as bad ones, and I have to decide which I’ll make. Change isn’t hinged on any one decision, good or bad. Change is an act of grace, and I’m grateful there’s more than enough of that to go around.

Do I want to get back on track with my workouts? Yes, please. In the meantime, though, I can choose healthy food options…not that I always do, but everything counts.

Guess what, guys? We can do this…we¬†will¬† do this. Let’s take the lessons each day brings us, not just those that come from success, but those from failure as well.